Support Departments

Department of Communication 

The Department of Communication offers all enrolled students a holistic approach to communication and language skills in a global society. It has the fundamental responsibility to satisfy the communication requirements of all programmes on all campuses. Therefore, the department works closely with other departments to facilitate and empower students to be effective communicators in academia, as well as, equip them with the required workplace competences necessary for application, not only in the local context but to fit seamlessly in the global arena.  

Head of Department (HOD): Ms. Althea Chin (Email:

Faculty Members: Mr. M. Bennett; Ms. A. Burton; Mrs. C. Campbell- Brown; Mrs. S. Johnson- Boothe; Mrs. K. Nesbitt-Blair; Mrs. N. Staff- Blake; Mrs. N. Thompson-Murray; Ms. A. Wisdom

Events and Activities:

Drama Club

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics facilitates numerical courses for all programmes offered at Knox Community College. The team members work assiduously to provide meaningful and engaging learning experiences which assist students to become confident and competent learners who can apply their knowledge and skills in a wide range of contexts. Significant efforts are made to provide opportunities for students to develop Kilpatrick’s five “intertwining strands” of mathematical proficiency, namely Conceptual Understanding, Procedural Fluency, Strategic Competence, Adaptive Reasoning, and Productive Disposition.
Head of Department (HOD): Mrs. Nicole Williams-Smith (Email:

Faculty Members: Mr. D. Baker, Mr. J. Bowen; Mr. C. Dunkley, Ms. K. Fletcher, Ms. Tracia Williams, and Mr. W. Williams

Events and Activities:

Mathematics Club

Mathematics Awareness Month

Mathematics Marathons 

Department of Natural Science

The Department of Natural Science caters to all enrolled students whose programme requires the completion of science-based courses.  It also offers the preliminary required course for entry into an advanced science programme through an articulation agreement with the University of the West Indies. The members of the department use engaging methods that will shape learners into becoming critical thinkers, national and global problem solvers who are motivated to initiate, engage in, promote and advance research and development to guarantee sustainable development practices.

Head of Department (HOD): Dr. Rose-Marie Wilson (

Faculty Members: Ms. T. Brown; Mr. S. Copeland; Mr. A. Denton; Mr. R. Hall; Mrs. S. Ramdon; Mr. O. Watson, Ms. M. Baker