Student Code of Conduct

Forbidden Activities

Particular attention should be paid to the following activities which are forbidden on campus:

  • Smoking
  • Gambling
  • Extortion
  • Fraternizing with unauthorized persons on the campus
  • Loitering in the classroom, canteen, labs, library, and the corridors of ¬† the administrative buildings
  • Possession, supply, sale or use of alcoholic beverages and narcotic drugs
  • Carrying of weapons
  • Display of sexual behaviors
  • Sexual harassment
  • Playing of offensive music
  • Playing music without the use of earphones in classrooms, labs, library and general offices area.

The applicable sanctions that can be taken against these offences are as follows:

  • First offence – Warning and confiscation of unauthorized tools.
  • Second offence – suspension /counselling (5 school days)
  • Third offence – Expulsion¬†