Philosophical Framework

Knox Community College’s education philosophies are based on pragmatism and reconstructionism. We believe in that the curricula should be designed to give learners opportunities to reconstruct the present to shape their future for a better society. This education and training  should be gained through active self-directed, exploratory learning with objectives that are changeable, subjective and relative in value. The focus should be on developing learners’ social skills by engaging in problem-solving and critical thinking and involve vocational training, arts, science and the basic principles of the three “Rs“. We believe in a culture of heterogenous diversity and inclusion for access to quality education that develops learners personally and socially allowing for creativity, self-actualization and direct experiences facilitated by our talented competent, change agent faculty and staff members.

To deliver on our philosophical framework, we have developed the Knox Community College (KCC) competency framework for our manpower. This Competency Framework seeks to articulate the expected behavioural standards required of Knox Community College employees and to provide renewed clarity on the core values that should permeate those behavioural standards. It also provides KCC faculty and staff with ‘one voice’ that will facilitate dialogue and link most of the human resources processes. The inventory of expected behaviours, skills and attitudes is expected to lead to successful performance.

Our Core Competencies are a set of related knowledge, skills and abilities that result in essential behaviours expected from those working for Knox Community College.

  1. Accountability: Knox Community College expects that all employees will demonstrate dependability in carrying out job tasks and functions; take responsibility for his or her own words and actions; and can be consistently relied on.
  2. Communication: Knox Community College expects that all employees will effectively seek and share information and ideas with others, listening to clarify and understand diverse viewpoints.
  3. Results-Focus: Knox Community College expects that all employees will focus service delivery by demonstrating an understanding of how these actions contribute to the overarching goals of the organization.

The Managerial Competencies apply to employees with management responsibilities at the middle management level and above.

  1. Strategic Thinking: Knox Community College management team members are expected to promote the mission, vision and values and ensure alignment with the Strategic Compass goals by translating strategies into actions.
  2. Leading and Managing Change: Knox Community College management team members are expected to initiate and adapt to change; be self-aware and manage relationships by inspiring others toward ethical behaviour and create a positive work environment for optimal performance of all employees.
  3. Life-long Learning – Knox Community College management team members are expected to engage in continuing education to develop knowledge and skills necessary to support the strategic direction of the organisation.