Brief History of Knox Community College

Knox Community College (KCC), founded in 1974, by Rev. Dr. Lewis Davidson and Mr. David Bent, officially opened its doors in November 1975 in Spalding, Clarendon. KCC is a leading educational institution that operates under the auspices of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands in partnership with the Ministry of Education, and Youth. Over the years the College has responded to national strategic priorities and the emerging needs of society and has positioned itself to be the premier higher education institution in central Jamaica. As such, although the College began with three (3) academic programmes, today there are over fifty (50) accredited programmes in a variety of disciplines which culminate in the award of Certificates, Diplomas, Associate and Bachelor’s degrees.

The College embraces the goals of Vision 2030 and specifically those for education:
… to create a well-resourced, internationally recognized, values-based system that develops critical thinking, life-long learners who are productive and successful and effectively contribute to an improved quality of life at the personal, national, and global levels. (Vision 2030 Education Sector Plan, 2009)

The conglomerate includes four campuses: Spalding, Cobbla, Mandeville and May Pen. The Spalding campus is the business and administrative hub of the College and has undergone extensive physical expansion over the years. Each campus boasts classrooms, laboratories, an administrative building, and a health and wellness centre, a library, and sanitary conveniences among other facilities conducive to learning.