Examinations & Assessments

Examination Infractions:

  1. Cheating:  Candidates who are caught cheating in an exam will be penalized internally or as directed by the relevant examination bodies. Students are strongly advised to make themselves familiar with these rules that are outlined in their examination body Handbooks.
  2. Plagiarism – misappropriating the work or ideas of another person.
  3. Copying from another candidate’s material.
  4. Assisting, attempting to assist or communicating with another candidate during an examination without due authorization from an Invigilator.
  5. Taking unauthorized material into an examination, or being in possession of any such material during an examination.
  6. Failing to hand over any material deemed to be in breach of the examination, upon the request of an invigilator/examination personnel.
  7. Disregarding or disobeying an Invigilator’s instructions relating to the conduct of an examination.
  8. Any evidence of collusion during an examination, discovered after the sitting of the  examination (this shall be dealt with under the appropriate examination regulation).

Procedures for Dealing with Examination Infractions:

Upon receipt of a report concerning any of the aforementioned infractions, the following actions will be followed:

  1. Review reports from the student and the invigilator that was  submitted to the Examinations unit.
  2. The matter is brought before the Academic Standard Committee.
  3. The ruling is communicated to the student.

Penalties for Infractions:

Knox Community College maintains strict guidelines regarding examination integrity. Any student found guilty of examination infractions will face the following penalties:

  • Warning: For minor infractions or first-time offenses, students may receive an official warning.
  • Loss of Marks: In cases of cheating, plagiarism, or other serious infractions, students may lose marks for the affected examination or assignment.
  • Academic Probation: Repeat offenses or severe infractions may result in academic probation, during which students are closely monitored for further misconduct.
  • Suspension: Persistent or serious violations of examination rules may lead to suspension from the college for a specified period.
  • Expulsion: In extreme cases, such as repeated academic dishonesty or flagrant violations of examination regulations, students may face expulsion from Knox Community College.