The Knox Community College [KCC] which began in 1975 is a co-educational institution located in Spalding, Jamaica. It operates four campuses: Spalding, Cobbla, May Pen and Mandeville. Though the College began with only three academic programmes, today there are over fifty [50] programmes in a variety of disciplines which culminate in the award of certificates, diplomas, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees. KCC is a leading educational institution which operates under the auspices of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information. It serves the educational needs of all students in central Jamaica. The College has several layers of governance which include the Trustee Board; the Board of Management; the Principal; two Vice Principals and a Bursar. KCC has some 1300 students are enrolled. The College in responding to emerging needs and national strategic priorities seeks to maintain relevance within the regional and local landscape thereby positioning itself to be a premier institution. This strategic compass then brings into sharp focus the activities it must undertake to accord with Vision 2030. This strategic compass period revolves around five strategic goals, namely: Generating Research and Innovation; Attaining Educational Excellence; Increasing Public Engagement; Strengthening Human Resource Development; and Improving Operational Efficiency. In January 2019, the Principal launched the strategic planning process with a special meeting with faculty and staff. The discussion which was aimed at providing a critical interrogation of the institution was led by a facilitator who had international, regional and local experience. In preparing for the assignment, the facilitator examined trends in tertiary/post-secondary education and a SWOT analysis which had been undertaken three months prior. Subsequent to that, a one-day session in March 2019, yielded the outputs of focus group discussions on issues related to accountability, performance, the involvement of the private sector, funding, curriculum, instruction, inclusion, MIS, faculty, staff, students, and infrastructure. In August 2019, a two- day management retreat saw stakeholders of the College agreeing on what philosophies should drive the operations of the institution. They also identified and deliberated on the initiatives KCC should undertake over the next five years that would result in transformation.