Financial Aid, Scholarships
and Grants

Information on financial aid, scholarships and grants are advertised on the students’ notice boards, iSIMS platform and at KCC’s General Assembly on Mondays. These application forms are available from the Guidance and Counselling Unit or on iSIMS.

All students who receive financial aid are required to contribute 10 hours of voluntary service to the Institution. Bursaries and grants are also available. 

Other sources of financial aid include:

  • Students’ Loan Bureau
  • Principal’s Open Scholarship
  • Ministry of Education Scholarships
  • A Benevolent fund
  • An Earn and Study Programme
  • Cultural Exchange
  • Jamaica Values and Attitudes Project for Tertiary Students (JAMVAT)
  • KCC’s BoM Bursaries
  • Partnership Awards
  • Bursaries

Student Loan Bureau (SLB)

Registered students doing the following programme are eligible for assistance from the SLB and JAMVAT:   

  • All Associate  Degree programmes
  • All Bachelor’s Degree programmes
  • Diploma in Assistant Nursing 

The SLB application procedure and options are detailed on their website

Principal’s Open Scholarship

The Principal’s Open Scholarship is available to high school graduates who are Jamaican/domiciled on the island for a minimum of 5 years with:

  • at least 5 subjects (CXC grades 1-3 as at 1998, GCE A-C) at one sitting. Only one subject will be accepted with Grade C or 3)
  • evidence of involvement in extracurricular activities (current and past)
  • evidence of involvement in Community based programme (church, service, youth clubs)
  • strong leadership qualities supported by testimonials
  • GPA of 3.5 and above

The application should be submitted in duplicate with one (1) certified photograph supported by a recommendation from a principal of the last school attended

Benevolent Fund 

This fund is supported by members of staff and is intended to assist students who are experiencing financial difficulties. In selecting students to receive such an aid, the College gives consideration to their character, level of need and academic achievements. Such aid can be accessed through the office of the Guidance Counselor. Selection is done through an application process which includes an interview.

Jamaica Value and Attitude Project for Tertiary Students(JAMVAT)

The Jamaica Value and Attitude Project for Tertiary Students (JAMVAT) is an effort to assist students who qualify for admission to tertiary institutions, but are unable to finance their tertiary education. The programme provides the opportunity for  students to participate in the nation’s social capital through their contribution of 200 hours of public service. In response, the government undertakes 30% of the students’ tuition costs. The work hours may be completed during the summer, prior to the start of the academic year and may be completed at any willing government office, agency or entity across the island. Please contact the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Unit for information on the JAMVAT programme –

Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education (PATHE)

Programme for Advancement Through Health and Education (PATHE) will assist with tuition fees, students who were enrolled in the PATHE programme in High Schools and are now attending tertiary institutions and studying at the Bachelor’s level. 

Applicants must complete and return PATHE application form available at the Guidance and Counselling Department or Registry Department. Information from the form will be sent to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, which will be used to determine the assistance to be given.  

PATHE Tertiary Bursary is awarded according to the following criteria and stipulations :

  • Students must be in their 1st – 4th Year of a Bachelor’s Degree Programme.
  • Should possess a GPA of 2.5 or upward.
  • Value of each bursary is $100,000.00. 
  • The award can be used for any education-related expense. 
  • Candidates must apply each year for the bursary.
  • Payment will be made to the institution on behalf of the student.
  • Applicants must indicate on the form their PATHE number used in High Schools.

KCC Scholarship Opportunities

Application procedures for internal scholarships and grants are as follows:

  • Application forms will be placed on iSIMS at the beginning of Semester One.
  • Applicants will be required to complete and submit the said application form.
  • All applications will be reviewed by the Guidance and Counselling Department.
  • Applicants must be prepared to attend an interview to present their case: ‘Why should I be awarded the scholarship?’  

Work and Travel Option

Students who want to go on the Work and Travel Programme can apply for their status letter to complete their registration process with the Work and Travel agency of choice.