Department of Business

The Department of Business offers students practical knowledge on business organization and administration; accounting principles; and the mechanism of business growth. Special emphasis is placed on entrepreneurial skill development; marketing strategies and ways of operating service businesses. The department offers two Bachelor degree programmes; an Associate Degree; and a range of other options that are highlighted below. Both the 4-year bachelor’s and 2-years associate degree programmes are accredited by the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) and quality checked by the Council of Community Colleges of Jamaica (CCCJ).

Head of Department (HOD):  Ms. Elaine Bailey  (Email: 

Current Programme Offerings:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with specialization in Marketing, Accounting and Human Resource Management (CCCJ- Full-time and Evening/Part-time)
  2. Bachelor in Business Administration (UTECH franchise-only the first 2 years done at KCC)
  3. Associate of Science in Business Administration (CCCJ- Full-time and Evening/Part-time)
  4. NCTVET Level 2
    • Business Administration
    • Customer Engagement Operations
    • Marketing & Promotions
  5. CAPE Subjects ( Management of Business, Entrepreneurship) 
  6. CSEC Subjects (Principles of Accounts, Principles of Business) 
  7. Coming Soon Bachelor of Science in Computer Application and Business Studies

Faculty Members: Ms. M. Allen; Ms. M. Atkinson; Mrs. P. Balfour-Gordon; Ms. T. Crooks; Mrs. S. Dawkins-Levy; Mrs. S. Forbes-Medley; Mrs. R. Freckleton; Ms. B. Levy; Ms. M. Matthews; Mrs. A. Rowe; Mrs. D. Smith-Taylor; Mrs. V. Tomlinson-Ruddock; Mrs. C. Tucker-Mitchell; Mrs. D. Wint-Samuels.

Events and Activities:

Department Highlight Month in February

Business Club

Possible Careers: 

  1. Accountant
  2. Accounting Clerk I-III
  3. Accounting Clerk Specialist I-V
  4. Accounting Manager
  5. Accounting Supervisor
  6. Accounting Technician
  7. Accounts Payable Supervisor
  8. Accounts Receivable Clerk
  9. Assistant Bursar
  10. Bill and Accounts Collector
  11. Bookkeeping Accounting and Auditing Clerk
  12. Bursar
  13. Cost Accountant
  14. Human Resource Management Systems Manager
  15. Human Resources Manager
  16. Marketing Communications Specialist
  17. Marketing Director/Manager/Officer
  18. Procurement Officer/Manager