Department of Agriculture & Environmental Studies

The Department of Agriculture and Environmental Studies offers undergraduate level programmes that are designed to prepare students in the application of scientific principles, practices, and techniques requisite for careers in the agriculture and physical environment industry job market. More specifically, there is also one programme that combines instruction in the agricultural sciences and business with particular emphasis on the management of agricultural production and marketing firms, decision-making, and problem solving for sustainable development and for continued study at the graduate level.

Head of Department (HOD): Garth Nunes  (Email:

Current Programme Offering:

  1. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies (CCCJ Full-Time and Evening/Part-Time)
  2. Associate of Science in Environmental Studies (CCCJ Full-Time and Evening/Part-Time)
  3. Associate of Science in Agro-Processing & Business Management (CCCJ Full-time)

Faculty Members: Mrs. K. McLeish-Bonner; Mr. Z. Campbell; Mr. D. Daley; Mrs. G. Minniffee-Mitchell; and Miss N. Thompson.

Events and Activities:
College Expo
4H Achievement Day
Denbigh Agricultural Show

Possible Careers:

  1. Agricultural Education
  2. Veterinary Science
  3. Animal Management and Production
  4. Livestock Production Management
  5. Animal Health Product Sales
  6. Feed Sales/Management
  7. Livestock Equipment Sales/Mgt
  8. Livestock Procurement
  9. A.I. Breeding Technician
  10. Livestock Feedlot Operations
  11. Market Forecasting 
  12. Food Safety 
  13. Plant Breeding and Biotechnology
  14. Greenhouse & Nursery Management
  15. Landscape Design
  16. Water Quality
  17. Nutrient Management, 
  18. Food and Fiber Processing
  19. Natural Resource Sciences
  20. Extension Education and Training
  21. Housing & Environmental Quality
  22. Livestock Insurance 
  23. Quality Assurance
  24. Farm Management
  25. Stable Management
  26. Market Reporting
  27. Meat Grading
  28. Geospatial Information Technologies
  29. Soil Chemist
  30. Soil Biologist
  31. Plant Biochemist 
  32. Plant Pathologist
  33. Entomologists
  34. Horticulturist
  35. Agronomists
  36. Soil hydrologist
  37. Soil microbiologists