Knox Community College is a co-educational institution located in Spalding, Jamaica. It operates four campuses, namely: Spalding, Cobbla, May Pen and Mandeville. The College started with three academic programmes: Pre-university Arts and Sciences, Secretarial Studies and Farm Management. Today, there are over fifty (50) programmes in a variety of subject areas such as: Pre-college, Pre-University, Paraprofessional, Vocational, Certificates, Diplomas, Associate and Bachelors Degrees.

There are fifteen departments and sections with closely structured teams. Each team has a department or Sectional head. The Vice –principal is the Academic dean. Knox Community College is the fastest growing Community College in Central Jamaica, and probably one of the fastest growing in the island. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture accorded Knox Class A. Knox is regarded as a student – centered institution which is geared to meet the educational needs of all students regardless of academic or socio-economic status.