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Mission Statement

Knox Community College is committed to Tertiary Education Programmes which:

  • Are in accordance with the principles of life-long learning;
  • Satisfy the needs of an ever-changing market-place;
  • Cultivate multi-facetted, multi-disciplined, multi-skilled and responsible citizens, who bring spiritual and social awareness to their roles in society

Vision Statement

Knox Community College, through its leadership will continue to meet the nation’s needs in education, employment and scholarship by being:

  1. An institution of The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, nationally and internationally recognized for its educational excellence and its commitment to learning.
  2. The Educational institution of choice:
  • For those who seek academic advancement leading to undergraduate degrees and professional careers.
  • For those who need skills training for the workforce.
  • For those who seek to upgrade their skills to enhance preparedness for economic opportunities.
  • For those who seek life –long learning opportunities to enhance their quality of life.