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We are the premier multi-disciplinary tertiary educational institution in Central Jamaica with campuses in May Pen, Mandeville, Cobbla and Spalding. Located as we are on the borders of Clarendon and Manchester, we are at the crossroads of life in these two parishes as well as St Elizabeth and the southern section.....

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Knox Community College has a variety of cirriculum, taught by some of the best lecturers. Become a part of a great college which will provide you with an outstanding education, to help you excel and be the best in your career.


Variety of programmes available

Talented students from around the world choose Knox Community College Programs to prepare for success, and experience the challenge of college-level academics.


Great Lecturers

Knox Community College lecturers provide an important platform to share the mental models and internal cognitive frameworks that workes both for the student and lecturer when conveying content.


Student Comradery

Teamwork and creative problem solving by Knox Community College students working together to maximize their college experience while having a social life.